2018 Annual Pass Program

Fee Structure

Weekday (Monday – Friday)

 Early Buy Program * 
Paid Prior to 12/01/2017Paid Prior to 12/01/2017
Single$1,775 *$1,999
Additional Pass **$1,420 *$1,435
Trail Fee (private cart)$595 *$695
Cart Pass (course cart)$699 *$799


Full Time

 Early Buy Program * 
Paid Prior to 12/01/201712/01/2017 - 12/31/2017
Single$2,650 *$2,750
Additional Pass **$2,120 *$2,120
Trail Fee (private cart)$595 *$695
Cart Pass (course cart)$799 *$899

* Early buy program only valid with a full year’s payment.

** Additional pass is for same household

Add $300 for use of a second personal cart, per household

Afternoon Pass (3 months), includes cart

Weekdays after 12:00 *$480
Full Time (7 days) after 12:00 *$660

Some restrictions apply; check with golf shop for details.

* After 1:30 during Daylight Savings Time (DST)


All Annual Pass contracts are for a one-year period. Should an annual pass be terminated, the pass holder must wait one year before purchasing a new pass.

All Annual Pass purchases will include complimentary practice balls.  Full-year’s-payment Annual Pass purchases will include a 5% (non-expiring) credit to the golf shop, as well as four (4) 18-hole guest passes, valid Monday through Friday (not included with quarterly payments).  Full-payment Trail Fee purchases include (4) cart fee passes (not included with quarterly payments).

Quarterly payments are still available (billing will include a handling charge of $15 per payment).  Payments received more than 5 days late will incur an additional $15 late fee.  Passes paid quarterly do not include the additional guest passes or 5% credit to the golf shop.

If you do not have a Trail Fee there is a cart fee per round for using a Brentwood Golf Club cart (no personal carts allowed): $5 for 9 holes, $10 for 18 holes and $6 if you are riding with an Annual Pass holder with a registered Trail Fee.  Any time an Annual Pass holder needs to take a Brentwood Golf Club cart the cart fees apply. Players using Brentwood Golf Club carts must pair up with other players using Brentwood Golf Club carts, i.e. only one Brentwood Golf Club cart for every two players using a Brentwood Golf Club cart per group.

Annual Pass Booking Policies

Annual Pass holders will have access to book tee times 9 days in advance.

Note: Times are blocked out for Wednesday Men’s Club and Monday and Thursday Lady’s Club in advance of 9 day booking restrictions. Annual Pass holders will be allowed to book a maximum of 2 tee times per reservation per day.

Monday through Thursday

Annual Pass holders will have full access to book 7 out of every 8 tee times of the day, 9 days in advance.


Annual Pass holders will have full access to book 6 out of every 8 tee times of the day, 9 days in advance.

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

Monday through Friday Annual Pass holders may play on weekends, after 2:30 pm during Pacific Standard Time and after 4:00 pm during Daylight Savings Time. Tee times may not be booked, and play is first-come first-served.

Special Friends and Family Program

Annual Pass holders’ guests may play at the applicable resident’s rate.

Designated Holidays

The holidays that will affect the Annual Pass for 2018 are New Year’s Day, Presidents Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day (observed), the day after Thanksgiving, and the day after Christmas.

Definition of a Couple

A couple will be defined by any two people who are legally married, or recognized by the state of California as a cohabitating couple. Non-married couples must reside in the same residence.

Golf Course Rules and Regulations

All Brentwood Golf Club Rules & Regulations will be on file in the golf shop.

Groups (16 Players or More)

Summerset residents, or Annual Pass holders wishing to book 16 players or more must reserve through our group booking program.

Course Maintenance

Brentwood Golf Club may have days that are blocked out due to maintenance work or outside group activities.

Private Golf Carts

All privately owned golf carts will need to be approved for use at Brentwood Golf Club by management, and the cart owner will need to provide a certificate of insurance. All privately owned golf carts must display the appropriate decals. Only approved golf carts with designated sticker will be allowed on the golf course property during appointed round of golf.

Events & Outings

The Annual Pass can be used to play in Men’s or Ladies’ Club events when they are on those clubs’ designated days. Outside golf events or tournaments will be subject to the applicable green fee. At times, there may be club-organized events in which the golf club will allow Annual Pass holders to use their pass in lieu of a green fee.

Termination of Annual Pass Package

Brentwood Golf Club reserves the right to suspend the privileges of any pass holder at any time at the sole discretion of the General Manager. Consistently poor behavior and violation of proper conduct may result in termination of this program. Brentwood Golf Club reserves the right to refuse service as warranted.

Medical Credit

Brentwood Golf Club will honor Medical Condition time off to be credited to current Annual Pass holders for next or future year’s annual dues.  See the golf shop for medical credit policy requirements (medical credit applies only to Annual Passes, it does not apply to Trail Fees or Cart Passes).

Questions or Disputes

Any comments, concerns, or disputes should be addressed directly to the General Manager.

Changes to Terms & Conditions

Brentwood Golf Club recognizes that the list of Terms & Conditions above is by no means exhaustive, and is not intended as such. Furthermore, changes to the Terms & Conditions may be made from time to time to ensure appropriate operation of the club. All changes, additions, or omissions from the Terms & Conditions will be made at the sole discretion of the General Manager of the club, and will be communicated in a timely basis as appropriate.